Friday, November 3, 2006

Need Funding for Your Dream Project?

I got this email today:

Free Funding Available for Talented Artists. We are making a brand new prime time show for ITV, where the public are invited to come along and pitch for some money for absolutely anything. We have a panel of millionaires who will be giving away their money to anyone who can convince them to part with it. We are especially keen to get some very talented artists / musicians / comedians/ actors with specific projects that they need funding for. It is an amazing opportunity for people to walk away with a lot of money and fulfill some of their dreams and ambitions. To apply visit please call 0845 458 6500 

I'm just posting this because I'm vexed that they've mentioned artists, musicians, comedians and actors but not writers or filmmakers. But if you can pitch for absolutely anything, I don't see why that can't be to produce a play or a film, or for enough money to give up your day job and spend a year writing. Or, why stop at a year? These are millionaires just looking to give their money away to a charismatic creative type. I think I'm going to pitch for funding to give up my day job but continue to live in the manner I'm accustomed to - no scratch that, might as well aim high - and write, write, write. And of course whatever I write will be produced by my rich benefactor. And I want a year's supply of wine and cakes. To aid the creative process of course.

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