Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sent my Coming Up submission off yesterday and have been dealing with the slight sense of a come-down that tends to follow any submission. The idea I had been working on has been with me in some shape or form for a couple of years now, stored away mostly in my head and scribbled on bits of paper. I've always tended to have a love/hate relationship with my scripts and ideas and this one was no different. There's a strange mix of emotions to sending something off for consideration - relief to finally be finished (insofar as any script is ever finished), hope for the prospects of the project, fear of rejection, resolve to take it on the chin if it is another rejection, enthusiasm for the next project, and sadness to have left behind your characters in their world, if only for awhile.

In this instance, though I really liked my finished synopsis, I still feel uncertain it is the sort of thing they are looking for, and more significantly, I feel I may be considered too inexperienced for this scheme even if my synopsis is well received. It was clearly stated that this is not a beginner's scheme, but aimed at writer's "building a track record" in film and television. When does one cease being considered a beginner, and become a writer building a track record? How exactly is that defined? I've been slowly but surely increasing my submissions over the last year and in my mind I'm working on building up that track record. But will the good folks at IWC Media agree? 

I'm not planning on giving myself too much time to think about that. As Danny Stack sagely noted in this posttoday, "the best way to wait for a reaction to a script is to start another" . I have several other things I should be getting on with now, so I plan on taking that advice to heart. I'll be rewriting some older scripts, working on a new short script hopefully for the Kaos comp, and then developing at least one of three possible feature script ideas. And at some point I do intend to come back to my synopsis for Coming Up, whether it is successful in that scheme or not. I'm going to keep busy.

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