Friday, April 7, 2006

My Body Hates Me

As I've mentioned before, my current working situation is three days of the week in a stuffy office doing a job I'm not especially enthusiastic about (though it does have some nice perks), and two days at home script reading. Writing is shoe-horned into weekends and on my freelance days, the couple of hours freed up by not having to commute. My freelance days are both precious to me and pressurized. I need to make ends meet and script reading doesn't pay fantastically well, so I have to read a lot in those two days. Unfortunately, every so often my body rebels against me and prevents me from getting through as much reading and writing as I would like.

Take today. I like to have an agenda for my days at home, otherwise I get nothing done. Today the plan included doing a bit of yoga (does wonders for my dodgy back) getting through 2 scripts (both lengthy ones, but for different companies so one brief report and one detailed analysis), at least an hour on my own writing, update blog, and make a few inquiries about script reading work. But no. My body is having none of it. It has been threatening a strike for most of the week now, but chose today for a complete shut-down. To be pretentious for a moment and quote Withnail and I, "I feel like a pig shat in my head". I physically couldn't get out of bed till gone 8am, an hour and a half later than I had planned. As my other half has observed on more than one occasion, my body hates me. If I've got a deadline, have got to travel, or am looking forward to, well anything at all, it will find a way to scupper my plans. But today is the day that I fight back! I've fortified myself with pomegranate juice, toast and fruit and I've dragged myself to the computer to update the blog. I'm about an hour behind schedule, so the yoga had to go, but maybe I can fit that in a bit later. Now, I'm going to try and read through the pain and later I will try to write through it as well! What a trooper I am...

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