Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spread the Word

As they have just announced their new season of literature workshops and events, it seemed a good idea to highlight a great writing resource for London, Spread the Word. There is a slight bias towards poetry and prose in the new schedule, but scriptwriters might find Life Recorders and Sketched of particular use. I'm thinking about signing up for these two myself. I attended one of their workshops last year, about writing for the web, and found it a really informative and enjoyable day. If you want to support Spread the Word's activities, you could also get involved as a volunteer.

For the non-London based writers who read this, take a look round the site anyway, as there is some useful information and interesting links in the resources section and a forum that could do with some lively debate. Spread the Word are also running an interesting competition at the moment, which isn't exclusive to London writers (that I can tell), but it ties in with the planned topic of my next post, so I'll discuss it then. Those of an impatient disposition can find the details on the website...

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