Monday, March 20, 2006

Comments Function Sorted - Thanks Scott!

Thanks to Scott the Reader for alerting me to the fact that I was unwittingly preventing comments on this blog - seems I had the 'moderate comments' box ticked. Anyway, I've unticked it now so apologies if anyone else did try to leave a comment - feel free now to share your views!

On an unrelated note, many of us UK-based scriptwriters are probably now aware of the upcoming Screenwriters Festival in Cheltenham. Anyone with festival organising/admin experience may be interested in this opportunity I spotted on Talent Circle:

Working with the Director and the Board of Screenwriters Festival, a new exciting international festival devoted to the art, craft and business of screenwriting, to organise, book and arrange the logistics of the June 2006 festival and project managing this to a tight deadline and budget.
Skills:High degree of organisation, methodical approach, good planning, financial control and project delivery: involving multi-tasking across a range of different tasks under time and financial pressures. A good communicator who can work both in a team and alone, and is self-motivated. A knowledge and a desire to operate under health& safety regulations associated with events staging. Essential: Good people skills, sense of humour, flexibility and commitment to the Screenwriters Festival 
Experience: Festival administration and organising, or TV or Film production manager skills. Project management including finance. Other requirements:To be largely based in Gloucestershire from April to July 2006. This is a paid freelance contract. Please do not apply unless you have relevantadministrativee experience and references. 

Contact details etc can be found in the original ad, though you might have to log in to Talent Circle to view it. It's a free site though and worth signing up if you haven't already. As for the job, it's a great opportunity to get involved with the first UK screenwriting festival. I'd go for it myself if it weren't necessary to be based in Cheltenham. Good luck to anyone who does apply!

Oh, and don't forget, as part of the Screenwriters Festival there's a short script competion for writers who live, work or study in Gloucestershire.

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