Saturday, March 4, 2006

Progress, or lack thereof

I'm finishing up for the day and have had the kind of typical 'writing' day of not achieving very much in terms of words and pages, but lots in terms of progressing ideas. I've been working on a short script and have a grand total of, wait for it.... 3 pages. Something was niggling at me the whole time I was writing those 3 pages though, and I stopped for a bit, started working on something else and realised what it was I needed to do on the short script. The 'something else' was the excruciatingly difficult task of boiling down a 100 page screenplay into a 40 word synopsis and a 40-word character description for the upcoming Open Eye productions Open Doorsubmissions. I've got the 40 words for each, but not convinced what I've written gives any useful sense of the story. The deadline is 13th March though, so there's still some time to rework it a bit. There has also been a fair amount of the 'other stuff' that tends to distract me which today has largely been tinkering about with links on this site and a fair amount of general internet-ing.

Tomorrow I'm off to the London Book Fair Writing for the Screen Masterclass. There are presentations fromDeborah MoggachChristopher HamptonTim Firth and Amy Jenkins. I've attended separate events with Deborah Moggach and Christopher Hampton before and their insight is worth the £25 cost alone, but I'm particularly looking forward to hearing what Amy Jenkins (who wrote This Life) has to say. Will try to post something about it over the weekend - if anyone happens to be reading this, 3 posts in one day should not be taken as any sort of precedent!

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