Friday, March 24, 2006

Light Housekeeping

I've (hopefully) sorted out some of the links on the right that weren't working, and added a few new links as well. I thought it was about time I put a picture in my profile as well. I wouldn't dream of inflicting my mug on the www, so here's a picture with, appropriately enough, some pretty light and shade!

I've tidied up a few loose ends writing wise as well. Some helpful people over on the Writer's Dock noticeboard have helped with a few research questions I had regarding my synopsis for Coming Up. Thankfully, the story seems to hold up and its really taking shape now. I'd been worrying for a while about which script to submit with the synopsis as a writing sample, but I've found something old that I think would be an appropriate choice, and it doesn't need too much re-writing before it's presentable, which is a bonus! I've also been chasing up script reading opportunities this week and things are looking positive with one company in particular, so fingers crossed, as I need the work!

So I feel nice and refreshed for the weekend knowing I've done what I can to tidy up a few things. Unfortunately, I now need to do some actual tidying up, which probably won't leave me feeling quite so refreshed. Still, for some reason I get some of my best ideas when doing washing up or hoovering, so it isn't all bad!

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