Friday, March 3, 2006

First Post

So I've finally started a weblog. Characteristically, I've been meaning to do this for ages now, but haven't quite got around to it. I've been busier than usual with script stuff this week and it seems to have been the motivatating factor that I needed to start this up. I'm a professional script reader and a spec scriptwriter, so this blog will be about writing and reading film and TV scripts. I hope it will be informative, but I'm also hoping it will help me keep to my own writing routine to have something to regularly update.

There are advantages and disadvantages to being a script reader who also writes, or a writer who reads scripts - I'm not really sure which way around that should be for me, because I started writing before I began reading scripts, but I earn money from reading scripts and not from writing them. The obvious advantage is the insight that this affords me into the quality of spec scripts being submitted and also to the type of scripts people are writing. I get a lot of horror scripts and a lot of sitcoms, for instance, but not many romantic comedies and hardly any strong, socially based dramas. Reading scripts, good, bad or ugly, is the best way to learn about writing them. On the downside, I personally find constantly critiquing other people's writing makes me hyper sensitive to the flaws in my own writing, to the point where every new idea is scrutinized and analyzed mercilessly in my head before usually being discarded. Reading scripts can also be a distraction from writing them, and, with that in mind, despite several fat scripts I have waiting to be read, I've put today aside for working on my own scripts. I've had two cups of coffee already, so I suppose now it is time I actually got on with it....

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